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The intricate process of setting tiles is one that is time-consuming and quite labor-intensive. It requires careful execution and the right set of skills to provide truly exceptional results without raising any concerns. At Maximo Cordero Tile Installation LLC, we have quickly become the ideal name in tile installation and on this page are providing insights that are unique and make for a great point of reference that new customers can truly rely on before they choose to hire us. Our training and attention to detail enable us to stand out among the rest when it comes to customer service across Port Richey, FL. We are also open to answering some specific questions that customers might have for us.

What are the perks of ceramic tiles?

Any reliable and skilled ceramic tile installer will highlight the fact that they are truly low cost, incredibly easy to clean, and make for a great choice for any space due to their versatility as well as longevity. They are also very durable and you don’t have to worry about spills and staining.

Are laminating tiles worth the investment?

Yes. However, only if the tile is in decent shape, without any tiles being loose or having any cracks. A trusted tile contractor will mention that only in such situations is it advisable to lay laminate flooring over tiles however if they are loose or cracked it is extremely inadvisable.

What tiles are ideal for residential spaces?

Among the most common types of tiles that can be found across numerous properties are ceramic tiles. They are well known for their durability and the fact that they are present in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and even texture gradients makes them the ideal choice to compliment any interior decor.

How to make vinyl floors last longer?

It is advisable to sweep frequently to keep any vinyl floor in good shape as it is already easy to clean and yet if neglected can lose its luster and not look nearly as appealing as it did right after being installed. Get the dirt, dust, and grime off before it gets ground in and your vinyl floors are bound to last a lot longer.

What is the average lifespan of marble tile floors?

Marble floors are considerably stronger than most other types of flooring materials and they provide a visual appeal that is hard to beat. If they are given regular maintenance they can easily last up to 25 years with some lasting even longer. Getting the right marble tile installation done plays a massive role in their longevity.

We are certain that based on the crucial insights provided on this page a lot of customers will be confident about hiring us. However, if you are not and have some more queries for us, you can simply reach out to Maximo Cordero Tile Installation LLC at (727) 476-5446. We will be more than happy to help you with all the necessary insights you might need. The training and approaches that we adopt for our porcelain tile installation are second to none across the entire Port Richey, FL area.

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